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18-20 October 2022 | Understanding the SRP Assurance Scheme | English (12-1061-22)

Date: 18-20 October 2022
Fee: EUR 400
Starting time: 02.00 pm Bangkok Time (UTC+7) Check your local time here
Duration: In-course modules: 26 hours.
Language: English
Trainer: Win Pa Pa Soe

Class Instructor

 Napaporn Rattanametta

Win Pa Pa Soe, Technical Key Account Manager Myanmar.

Win Pa Pa Soe was the Agricultural Economist of Fresh Studio, Myanmar with over 18 years of experience in agricultural marketing, policy and planning of agricultural-related projects. For the last 16 years, Win Pa Pa Soe has worked in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Myanmar for agricultural policy and planning-related works. She joined GLOBALG.A.P. as Technical Key Account Manager for Myanmar in 2019, being expert on providing training in Farm Assurance and Sustainable Rice Platform scopes.

Brief note for Understanding the SRP Assurance Scheme training

    The SRP Assurance Scheme is based on the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators in order to underpin verifiable sustainability claims for rice produced using proven, climate-smart sustainable best practices

    This SRP Assurance Scheme defines rules for actors engaged in measuring compliance or demonstrating improvements, providing demonstrable evidence of compliance with the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators and the use of SRP trademarks (Claims, Logos or Label) upon achieving assurance. The SRP Assurance Scheme focuses on verification, is built on a strong internal assessment and provides registration and self-assessment as a starting point. The SRP Assurance Scheme encourages innovative remote/landscape assessments, participatory schemes, individual producer assessments and producer group schemes using Internal Management Systems (IMS).

Who should participate?:

  • Verification Bodies
  • Individual rice producer and producer groups
  • Consultants from the rice industry
  • Project personnel who are active in sustainable and climate-smart rice production
  • Export/Import companies who are active in the sustainable rice production
  • Other interested person

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe producer participation requirements in the SRP system;
  • Define the three levels of assurance available under the SRP Assurance Scheme;
  • Evaluate each assurance level and apply the corresponding assurance rules;
  • Formulate decisions regarding SRP audits;
  • Identify the three different chain of custody models applicable to the SRP;
  • Describe SRP inspector and auditor requirements

Course information:

  • This is an online face-to-face workshop with a trainer including many interactive activities and group work with other course participants. The workshop fee includes a certificate of attendance. Presentations and standard documents will be shared on this platform some days before the sessions start. 25% of training fees are returned to the SRP Secretariat to strengthen the SRP training system and related services to SRP members. Presentations and standard documents will be shared on this platform some days before the training starts
  • The maximum number of participants is 20. Acceptance is based on first-come-first-serve basis. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon payment

Technical requirements:

  • Use of the platform Microsoft Teams to connect to the live sessions with the trainer.
  • Stable internet connection: test it here. Recommended band width:800kbps/1.0Mbps (up/down) for high quality video
  • Camera and microphone activated
  • Use of headset
  • Calm environment
  • Any of the following browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox

Questions? Please contact the GLOBALG.A.P. Academy. By registering for workshop you agree with the GLOBALG.A.P. Terms and Conditions for Workshop and Trainings.

Language: English

  • Agenda - SRP Authorized Trainer (AS) sample
  • M1 - Welcome to our GLOBALG.A.P. Virtual Classroom
  • M2.1 - GLOBALG.A.P. Introduction: Who we are
  • M2.2 - GLOBALG.A.P. Introduction: Products and Services
  • M2.3 - GLOBALG.A.P. Introduction: Governance Structure
  • M2.4 - GLOBALG.A.P. Introduction: Sustainable Development
  • Module 0: SRP & Assurance Scheme
  • Module 1: Assurance Levels
  • Module 2: SRP Assurance Rules
  • Module 3: Verification Process
  • Module 4: Guideline for Traceability and Chain of Custody
  • Module 5: SRP Claims and Conditions
  • Module 6: Verification Body
  • SRP Assurance Scheme v1.3
  • SRP Standard (Version 2.1)
  • SRP Performance Indicators (Version 2.1)
  • Rules for SRP Authorized Trainers
  • Workshop survey - SRP
  • EXAM (it will be activated at the end of the course)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed